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T R A N S L U C E N C E.

This is for the lightworkers.

For the mystics.

For the seekers, lovers, healers, artists, and intuitives.

For those who yearn for something deeper, brighter, and clearer.

For those who wish to touch and know themselves in a way they haven’t let themselves yet.

If you are here reading this, then Translucence is for YOU.

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Translucence is about shining a light through something… or someone. Through YOU.

It’s about becoming bright with light.

Translucence is free from disguises, illusions, and falsities.

Translucence makes things clear — it elucidates insights in a way that is easy to understand and integrate.

Translucence activates what is dormant and illuminates what is dark.

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Please join me for an intimate, illuminating series of 30 channeled audio recordings: Translucence.

Each audio runs between 15 and 25 minutes and features insightful lessons, teachings, and wisdom.

You do not need to listen to these teachings in order, and you do not need to worry about ‘falling behind’ if you miss a week or two (or seven), either.

These lessons are timeless. Simple but profound.

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You will receive lifetime access to all 30 recordings.

You will benefit not only from the words themselves — from the teachings and the actual content — but also from the act of hearing these lessons spoken aloud.

My voice will be a catalyst in your own awakening — ignition for the quickening and activation of your subtle bodies and subconscious potential.

Together, we will go deeper.

Together, we will rise higher.

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YOU are a chalice of ancient energetic jewels, gems, and pearls of wisdom. You are filled to brimming with gifts, intuitive knowing, and exciting possibilities… but perhaps you have forgotten this.

You keep seeking answers elsewhere. You keep looking outside of yourself for confirmation, validation, approval, and permission.

You believe that ‘others’ — people, places, or circumstances — have the power to make you happy or to take your happiness away.

But none of that is true.

By participating in the Translucence series, you will be reconnecting with the core of Who You Are.

You will be reacquainting yourself with what is already inside of you, and you will be activated and inspired to overflow with your natural radiance, passion, joy, and love!

Simply by listening to the audios — simply by absorbing and digesting the insights they contain — you will be touched and transformed on subtle levels.

Also, as a collective, the energy will be cumulative.

With everyone coming together in love and light to be a part of this series — with everyone communing and coalescing into the One Mind, the One Heart, and the One Energy — a powerful ripple effect will be created. Powerful momentum will be initiated!

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The Details:

  • Translucence is offered at a rate of $179 (CAD; approx $135 USD, £90, or $185 AUD) for the entire 30 audios.
  • You can enroll in the series at any time, and you will receive lifetime access to all 30 audios. You will receive your first audio on the day that you register and then a weekly audio for the next 29 weeks. (You will also gain access to the Translucence Portal, where all of the audios are conveniently linked to in one hub, in case you decide to pick and choose lessons at your own pace.)

I want you to be a part of this high-vibrational network.

I want you to play an integral role in the energetic web of light we will weave together.

I want you to shed old skins and to cultivate the garden of your deep, soul energy and your true identity.

You can enroll in the audio series here for $179 (CAD)

This price works out to approximately $135 USD/£90/$185 AUD

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Payment is required in advance and can be made through our secure online store here. The store accepts Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover cards. If you wish to pay via electronic funds transfer instead (i.e. from your bank account), you can e-mail $179 CAD to (In this case, you will be responsible for the small processing fee, and please remember to e-mail me the answer to your security question, too!)

If you have any questions whatsoever, please e-mail me and I will personally respond to your message.

In the meantime, you can also access a sample audio below:

Run time: 23:13. Please note that audios in the actual Translucence series will be downloadable via Dropbox.

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What People are Saying about ‘Translucence’:

“This is the best. ‘This’ being Translucence. It’s speaking right to my core every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is so open. I feel mySelf returning. I am lighter, freer, and at peace.”

“Every day it just gets more and more magical!”

“I had to pop in and tell you how much I’m LOVING this series. The very first day, I could actually feel my heart chakra expanding in the first two minutes. Amazing.”

“Oh Dana I just bawled through the whole recording of Translucence. Thank you for the lifeline, for the hope. x”

“Can I just do a big “oh my god you are friggin’ amazing!!!!” to Dana Machacek – only Day 2 of Translucence and as if you weren’t talking directly to me!!!! You cut through all of the bullshit I was feeding myself yesterday – and brought me complete clarity. And it was sooooo simple. Thank you for the gift of YOU!”

“I am on my knees.  The limit of words will be unable to express how MOVED I feel after listening to today’s audio. I am going to listen to it over and over all day. The message made me feel so loved.  So supported.  So taken care of.  So safe.  So excited.  So exactly where I am meant to me.  So okay with having no idea. I know I have expressed it before… you have created a MAGNIFICENT gift here.  I am infinitely grateful.  I just want to hug you!!!!  If I had the money I would fly to Canada just to do it.  I truly would.”

“I listened to the audio and thought, ‘She sees right through me!’ Translucence is amazing. It feels like the teachings are just for me.”

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About Me:

dana-goddess-risingI am an intuitive guide, energy healer, and high vibe channel. I help people to connect deeply with themselves through intimate psychic readings and illuminated online programs, and I am also known for my popular tarot card pulls on Instagram and Facebook, where I channel and share cosmic guidance regularly for the collective.

I am tapped in and highly attuned to energies, and my specialty is being able to pull down and articulate esoteric or complex topics in a way that is understandable, accessible, clear, and relevant. Recently, however,

I was called to go even deeper with my work.

I was guided to target different receptors in the psyche and the soul than my written guidance could access. I was invited to leverage the energy of the Collective by creating a web of light and sound– weaving together multitudes of people, joined by a common intention.

As a result of this guidance, I have birthed Translucence.

order translucence button 150pxIt is my deepest intention that even one of these audios can shift and transform you in both subtle and profound ways, and you will have access to 30 lessons and teachings as a subscriber to the series. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for joining me on this journey and for saying yes to your next level, whatever that may be!

— xx, Dana

Please note that all sales are final for ‘Translucence’. Thank you for your support!