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*Please note that I am still coming out of a major business and website overhaul at the moment. You can still sign up for a 1:1 intuitive reading here or take my self-paced Energy Mapping program here.

While I update this beast of a website, if you’d like to get a taste of my other work, I invite you to check out two of the collective energy healing sessions I’ve made available online. 

Is It True? Says Who?  is a 75-minute guided meditation where I take you through your chakra system and gently dislodge old thought patterns, beliefs, and stories that are taking up residence in your energy field.

Freedom from Constriction is a 60-minute guided visualization where I support you in untangling yourself from issues, situations, fears, or patterns that feel heavy and binding in your life.

Both of these sessions contain timeless insights, activations, and energy work, and they’re available for $19 CAD apiece (which is around $14 USD). The links above will take you directly to a payment form, and once your transaction is completed, you will gain instant and lifetime access to the video files.

I have also created a beautifully honest interview series where I speak candidly with some of my favourite people about developing and using intuition in the real world. To hear these interviews for free, you can check out this page.

Thank you so much for reaching out and connecting with me! I appreciate it so much, and I can’t wait to introduce you to what’s on the horizon as soon as I can. xoxo — Dana

“Dana is an incredible intuitive who reads with immense kindness and compassion to deliver much needed messages of truth, encouragement and support. Her sessions are like a beautifully warm and cozy hug that you just want to go on forever! Dana’s words soothed all my sad, troubled, worrying places and brought me back to a place of peace and presence after many wobbles about what my purpose is and who I’m really to be of service to. She has provided greater clarity and focus to allow me to align with my true heart and create my path my way. I can’t recommend Dana more highly and I know that anyone who chooses to work with her will be transformed! She is a luminous earth angel and I’m grateful to have received the gift of her soulful wisdom. – Sharyn Holmes,

“My session with Dana was one of, if not the most, healing, insightful, well-rounded and transformative sessions I’ve ever experienced. I was blown away by her keen ability to intuit my deepest thoughts and feelings with the precision she did. She penetrated right into the heart of my situation and unpacked deep layers of my soul with warmth, care, and down-to-earth sensitivity. I hadn’t felt that seen and understood in quite a while, which was refreshingly healing in itself.

The depth of insight, guidance, and empowering support she provided continues to be invaluable. Many significant, positive changes have transpired that have had long-lasting effects. The pressure I felt before coming to her was immediately lifted, limiting expectations and attachments I had around certain areas of my life have all but melted away, and deep-rooted patterns that were unknowingly holding me back have been safely seen and released. I needed a little help re-aligning with my inner compass and the practical exercises she provided have been very effective in strengthening my intuition. Needless to say, she helped facilitate some major, much-needed shifts in my life and I can’t thank her enough! I’m well on my way forward with ease, balance, and excitement for what’s to come.

I can say with confidence that Dana is a gem of a healer and an amazing catalyst for transformation. I would recommend her soul-opening work to anyone! Come as you are, with an open heart and mind, and you will receive the most perfect form of medicine you need. – Jackie Warren, California USA

“When I began the Translucence series, I was looking for answers. I believed that others had the messages I was looking for and that their gifts would tell me everything I needed to know. But as I listened to Translucence, things began to change.

My spirit began awakening. The frenzied pace at which I sought answers began to slow and settle. I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere toward the end of the series I had an epiphany: The answers are not with someone else. The answers are in me. And I can receive them any time I need them. What’s more, I realized that I don’t need to chase “other” gifts; I realized just how gifted I actually am. That whole “I’m not psychic enough” mentality finally dissolved. I realized the silliness of it all.

Finally being able to realize this allowed me to see my gifts in all their glory. And WOW! I am so blessed! My gifts are abundant, and they have been there all along … but I couldn’t see them because I was so focused on chasing down other people’s gifts before. Listening to Translucence changed my spirit. It helped me let go of assumptions, fear, and confusion. It allowed me to step into my own soul and instead of feeling inadequate, it allowed me to marvel at all that I am. To LOVE all that I am. And to be grateful for it. I am so thankful to Dana for sharing her gifts with the world so that we may awaken to ours. -Lindsay Maxfield, Utah USA,

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Disclaimer: All of my services are confidential and are rooted in my deep foundations as a counselor and coach. You can expect warm, honest, and thorough services from me, but they are not intended to be a substitute for qualified medical, legal, financial, psychological, or other professional support. They are also not meant to replace your own intuition, as you know yourself best and what feels right and true for you! By purchasing any of my services, you expressly acknowledge that you are a fully sovereign being and thus are solely responsible for the outcomes of any actions (or inaction) you might take in your life. You also confirm that you are 18 years or older and that you are purchasing my services for either yourself, another person of majority age, or a minor for whom you are a legal guardian. Thank you for your understanding and support!