Here’s where you can find answers to your burning questions about the You Are Intuitive series.

If you have a question that isn’t answered below, you’re probably not the only person who’s wondering about that!

Please feel free to e-mail me, and I’ll make sure to update this page with answers and insights to your question as soon as I can. Thank you!

Q: I’d like to share my story, too. How can I be interviewed for the You Are Intuitive series?

A. I’m sure your journey has been incredible, and I’d be totally blissed out to keep interviewing people for the rest of my life about their personal experiences developing and using intuition! However, this particular series has already been wrapped up, and I am not seeking any more people to interview at this point.

If you’d like to be considered for future interview or podcast possibilities, please drop me a line at I’d love to connect with you!

Q: How can I work with you? (There doesn’t seem to be any way to book a reading with you online.)

A. I used to offer private readings and energy healing sessions, but I felt guided to discontinue those services back in March of 2017. At the current time, I don’t have any opportunities to work with me on a 1:1 basis. (How’s that for an upsell, right? Haha!)

That said, there will be opportunities to work closely with me in the new year again (stay tuned for more info!), and in the meantime, I’d love for you to check out two of the collective energy healing sessions I have available online.

Is It True? Says Who?  is a 75-minute guided meditation where I take you through your chakra system and gently dislodge old thought patterns, beliefs, and stories that are taking up residence in your energy field.

Freedom from Constriction is a 60-minute guided visualization where I support you in untangling yourself from issues, situations, fears, or patterns that feel heavy and binding in your life.

Both of these sessions contain timeless insights, activations, and energy work, and they’re available for $19 CAD apiece (which is around $14 USD). The links above will take you directly to a payment form, and once your transaction is completed, you will gain instant and lifetime access to the video files.

Q. OMG, I love your rings and necklaces! Where did you get them?!

A. I’m (obviously) a gigantic fan of silver jewels, and I love supporting conscious businesses whenever I can, too. The You Are Intuitive videos feature rings and pendants from the following companies, among others:


The Fifth Element Life

Midsummer Star

Flower of Life

I also have a bunch of jewels from offline companies or from people whose business cards I unfortunately lost over the years. 🙁 These sources are the main ones, though, and no– I don’t receive kickbacks from sharing these links. I’m simply spreading the love!

Q. How did you find the background music for your series? Where can I find royalty-free music for my own meditations and podcasts?

A. I’m a huge fan of the Make Your Own Meditations music library by Tahlee Rouillon at Sonesence. It’s where I got my background track for the You Are Intuitive series, and it’s also where I get all the music for any meditations I record!

Tahlee adds new (and sublime) music to the library regularly, and the best part is: if you decide to become a ‘library member’, you get access to the growing library of tracks for life! 🙂 (There’s also a bunch of articles and short video tutorials in the library to help you make the best-sounding audios you possibly can. All in all: it’s a definite win!) Here’s where you can learn more about the MYOM library, and yes- this one is an affiliate link, which means I’ll receive some thank you $$ from Tahlee if you choose to purchase a membership through this link.

Q. What sorts of tech, equipment, and services did you use to create your series?

A. Ah, detail-oriented nerds after my own heart! 🙂 The interviews were scheduled online using Acuity and hosted/recorded over Zoom. I am on a super old laptop for the time being but have a nifty webcam from Logitech to make sure that I’m not a mass of blurry pixels in the final videos.

I use a Yeti Blue microphone, the aforementioned background music from the MYOM Library, and Audacity for audio editing (it’s free and awesome).

The rest is pretty standard: a WordPress website, a MailChimp list, YouTube for video uploads, and SoundCloud for audio uploads. Hopefully this helps!

Q. How did you decide how to order the interviews and when to release them?

A. Honestly? By using my intuition. There’s no master plan here, just trust in my own heart and gut!

Q. Why aren’t the links to your interviews made public on YouTube or SoundCloud? (I can’t search for them and it’s frustrating!)

A. Darling, I hear you and I’m sorry for the frustration! I’ve intentionally kept the links to these interviews unlisted for now, in order to preserve the intimacy of the series. As long as you can access my newsletter post for each interview on your device of choice, the links to watch or listen are embedded in there, so you should be able to access the conversations directly that way. xo

Q. I’m feeling really lost, stuck, and confused right now. Can you help me?

A. Well first of all, I can assure you that it’s totally natural to feel this way at times. Feeling unclear, uncertain, or confused is a normal part of being human, and it doesn’t mean that there’s anything ‘wrong’ with you. (It also doesn’t mean that you’re not intuitive if you don’t have perfect clarity around every choice you need to make, 100% of the time. Not knowing is oftentimes a huge part of the adventure of being alive!)

That said, I know that it feels truly awful to be stuck, and I also know how lonely it can feel to be disconnected from your own inner guidance and Self. I’m always available to be a sounding board for you if you simply need somebody who can listen. This doesn’t mean that I’m able to provide specific guidance or recommendations to you, but I am a great listener, and quite often, that’s enough. Please feel free to e-mail me if you need to get whatever it is off your chest.

I can also (gently and lovingly) suggest that you start testing out and implementing some of the suggestions that are made in interviews throughout this series! All of the conversations feature simple, practical, quick, and affordable (or free) ways to start tapping into your own intuition, so pick something that resonates with you and give it a go. (Personally, I find that connecting with my intuition is the most powerful self-help tip there is!)

Finally, know that we all go through cycles and seasons with our energy. This is normal and inevitable. We’re not designed to be ‘up’ and ‘on’ all the time, so perhaps coming out of your energetic fog is simply a matter of waiting it out and being gentle with yourself in the meantime. You’ve got this, Love. You can do it, and you’re doing it already. I believe in you. xo