This post has been archived as part of my “I’ve Tried Lots of Things” series– a record of programs and approaches I’ve tried when trying to lose weight or attain a flawless complexion. Please read this post in context: this was an accurate description of my personal experience at the time, but it’s not meant to be taken as a recommendation or endorsement of any kind. I’m not a medical or nutrition professional, and just because I’ve tried something doesn’t mean I’m telling you to do the same. Please use your common sense and consult with an appropriate professional as needed. xo

I know you are all thrilled and fascinated by the goings on of my digestive system. Truly: I know.  Haven’t you all secretly been wondering how the experiment with cutting dairy out is going? And don’t you all want to know how my skin looks, now that dairy has been out of the picture for over 2 solid weeks? If you answered a guilty ‘yes’ to either of the above questions, then you’re in luck! (And if you still answered a resounding ‘NO’, well… I apologize.)

Anyway, yes! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a half month since I last ingested any dairy– even butter! I’ll fess up and say that the first three days were really hard for me. For one thing, I was ultra-resistant to the idea of taking butter out of my diet. After an initial struggle– in which I bestowed ambrosia and god-like properties on the Definition of Butter– I finally concluded I should wipe the dairy slate totally clean before trying to re-introduce butter (for example…) into my diet. Now I am eating very small doses of the highly inferior Earth Balance in butter’s place. (Earth Balance is actually quite tasty but seems very processed to me in comparison to butter. I could be wrong. Full disclosure: I could also be biased against Earth Balance because our highly irritating vegan friend sings its praises every effin’ day– perhaps it’s a psychological thing?)

Giving up dairy was also difficult at first because I inadvertently gave up coffee at the same time!! I know!! This was totally not in my plans. I knew that coffee wasn’t particularly good for me, considering how much sugar I junked it up with every morning, but I had no problem drinking coffee with rice milk and figured I could go on doing that every morning indefinitely. (Forever and ever, amen.) Still dairy free, right? Well, my plans to keep going with the coffee were quashed on morning one, when I went to work thinking that I had a cream alternative there but actually didn’t. I suffered through a giant tension headache that day, while my body berated me for not giving it the caffeine it was so dependent on, and after all the pain and suffering, I decided NEVER AGAIN: I might as well keep coffee out, too. And so I did- just like that.

Now it has been over two weeks without dairy, and I have to say that I have noticed a significant difference. I feel much less sluggish and bloated on a daily basis, it seems easier to wake up in the mornings (could be coffee-related), and best of all: my skin is already getting better! I am still experiencing minor break outs, but I have fewer pimples than I did two weeks ago (noticeably so), and it is also more ‘surface-level’ and ‘small’ acne, as opposed to the giant and painful sores that were embedding themselves deep into my cheeks before. Huzzah!

From what I have read, it’s best to try eliminating dairy products for a full three months before trying (if ever) to re-introduce dairy into the diet, one item at a time. (Butter is at the top of my list to maybe try re-introducing, obviously.) So long as I can keep making my own meals and eating out less frequently, I totally think that three months is doable. By then, I will be an uber-slim woman with a complexion to die for and a digestive system to set your watch by (sexy!), so who knows? Maybe I won’t feel like bringing dairy back at all to spoil the party. We’ll see! 🙂

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