You’ve been conditioned since before you were born.

You’ve been relentlessly, sometimes subtly and oftentimes overtly taught who you were, who you could or should be, and what the world around you was like.

You’ve inherited countless beliefs and both spoken and unspoken expectations about everything.

You’ve internalized ideas about what’s possible for you, under which circumstances, and how.

Some of what you’ve absorbed has enabled you to engage with life in beneficial ways, but many of the thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and patterns you’ve learned to carry are no longer aligned with the person you yearn to be (if they ever were to begin with).

You might be bumping up against conditioning if:

    * There’s a constant disconnect between your dreams and your lived access to resources, opportunities, connections, and experiences.

    * Nothing seems to change very much, no matter how hard you work or try (and no matter how many affirmations you say).

    * History keeps repeating itself: you find yourself in the same kinds of jobs, relationships, financial circumstances, states of health, or other patterns despite taking steps in new directions (again and again!)

    * It feels like you’re always swimming upstream.

    * You’re tired. Exhausted. Burning out or burnt out already.

    * Old wounds and traumas keep getting re-opened or triggered again.

    * You wonder what you’re missing and why other people seem to have it easier or figured out.

You’re here—HERE, today, right now—because you can feel wisps of truth surfacing from deep in your bones.

There’s a different way. A better way. A way that feels more congruent and right to you. And you’re right: there is! I’ve made it my mission to learn and share body-based practices that effectively but gently peel through layers of conditioning, and I’m so glad you’re here.      

It can take courage (and a whole lot of curiosity) to examine where and how you’ve been conditioned and to dismantle old scaffolding in favour of something new. You’re ready for this, though! You can sense it, and so can I.

Where to next?