Hello, Love: I’m Dana

If it’s true that we learn what we need to teach and teach what we need to learn, then I’m clearly here to learn and teach about deconditioning.

You see, I grew up heavily (heavily!) conditioned. I was the Good Girl—the straight-A, Catholic School student who was always keenly attuned to rules, expectations, and The Way Things Should Be. I invested most of my time and energy into Getting It Right for decades. I was an expert in people pleasing and appeasing. I sailed through two university degrees on scholarships. I married the most incredible man when I was 24 and basked in the glow of our fairy tale connection. I started an intuitive business and quickly offered hundreds of in-depth readings to an international clientele.

But then, burnout happened (and kept happening for over 18 long months).

… And then, I surprised and horrified myself by negotiating a few months apart from my beloved partner.

… And then, I shocked myself and burned with shame when I realized I couldn’t be in a marriage anymore—not just to him but to anyone—despite 15 solid years of goodness together!

My deconditioning process was underway.


The past three years have invited (if not totally forced) me to face some of my deepest conditioning and my most stubborn subconscious programming. For example, when burnout eventually led me to close up shop and to not offer any readings for over a year, I finally started seeing the pattern I had learned to equate my self-worth with productivity and output. (Hello, internalized capitalism!) Similarly, ending a solid, loving marriage without being able to identify a definitive ‘reason’ behind my choice brought up huge reservoirs of guilt and shame I hadn’t realized I harboured until then. I began asking myself intimidating but simultaneously thrilling questions:

Could I be successful without also feeling run down and depleted in the process?

How hard did I really need to work for money?

Could I retrain my nervous system to hold space for ease instead of hustle?

Was I still a good person if I made uncomfortable and inconvenient choices—decisions that hurt the feelings of the ones closest to me?

Was I allowed to grieve the ending of my marriage, even though I had initiated it?

How long did I need to embody guilt before I could embrace joy again?

Was I even permitted to be joyful under these circumstances, or was joy at odds with my longstanding Good Girl persona?

Would my own joy take away from other people’s joy, or could I accept that there was more than enough joy to go around?


My own deconditioning process began as a conscious, introspective process, and I benefited tremendously from this intentional inner work… until I didn’t anymore.

Eventually, although I could clearly articulate how or why I was stuck in so many areas, I couldn’t logic, plan, or will my way into getting unstuck in any meaningful or lasting way. That’s when I started training in somatic and subconscious healing modalities, and that’s when I began experiencing powerful shifts in my life that felt simply effortless!

Today, although I continue to offer the most in-depth and insightful intuitive readings I’ve ever come across (wink!), I now specialize in guiding people through experiential practices like heart coherence, Breathwork, and PSYCH-K®, because healing is truly an inside job. I hold safe and warm space for folks who are navigating big changes, processing deep wounds, and/or re-establishing energetic circulation for themselves where they’ve felt stuck or stagnant for ages. It’s my honour and privilege to bear witness to you as you navigate through your own deconditioning journey, and it’s a joy to be able to share what I have learned along the way!


Professional Training & Certification

  • Certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator at the Basic, Advanced, and Master levels
    • Will receive certification in the Health & Well-Being program in October 2020
  • Trained Breathwork Healer through David Elliott
    • Currently trained in and approved to facilitate Levels 1-3
    • Will receive full certification at Level 4 in June 2020
  • Certified Add Heart Facilitator™ through the HeartMath Institute
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Communication Studies, University of Calgary


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My Lineage

I wish to thank the teachers and guides who have directly supported me and shaped me into Who I Am today through their mentorship, training programs, and professional services. Countless others have supported and inspired me more indirectly, but it feels so important for me to acknowledge my direct lineage here:


Lauren Aletta :: www.innerhue.com

Thank you for initiating me back into my intuitive self with your powerful readings and your 1:1 Psychic Development mentorship.


Paul Bucky ::  www.justtouch.com

Thank you for your hands-on training in the Bio-Touch™ healing modality over 4 memorable weeks in 2015.


Dr. Divi Chandna :: www.drdivi.com

Thank you for the reading you gave me in 2014 that jump-started my path to rediscovering myself as a healer and intuitive!


Donna Eden :: www.innersource.net

Thank you for the life-altering weekend workshop you offered on the Energies of Love with David Feinstein in Victoria, BC. Attending this workshop felt like an activation on every level of my being!


David Elliott :: www.davidelliott.com

Thank you for bringing me back into my body and for sharing the sacred medicine of Breathwork with me through your Levels 1-3 (and soon to be Level 4) trainings! Now, instead of simply being able to identify energetic and emotional blockages in myself and others, I can also help to move and release them.  


HeartMath Institute ::  www.heartmath.org

Thank you for making your Add Heart Facilitator™ training so accessible and effective. Learning how to regulate my own heart rate variability has made a huge difference in my own life, and it’s a joy to be able to share the Heart Lock-In technique with others, too!


Mike Iamele :: www.mikeiamele.com

Discovering my personal Brand Energies through your Sacred Branding® and Sacred Circle programs felt like it changed everything for me! Understanding my relationship to Divinity, Intimacy, Real-ness, Depth, Expression, and Sensuality has been a huge game-changer for me- thank you.


Lisa Powers :: www.lisapowers.co

Thank you for initiating me into the energy of Reiki through your Reiki I & II trainings.


Dr. Barbara Schneider

I literally would not have made it through my Master’s Degree intact without you, Barbara! Thank you for swooping in as my new advisor and for rescuing me from what would have been a terrible thesis-writing experience otherwise. Thank you also for understanding when I didn’t go on to pursue a Ph.D. (Perhaps I’ll be a professor in my next life.)


Erin Telford :: www.erintelford.com

I’m so grateful to you for introducing me to David’s style of Breathwork back in 2017! Your virtual Breathwork groups were so transformative for me that I knew I needed to become certified in facilitating this modality, too.  


Dr. Leonard Thornton

Leonard, thank you for starting me on the self-healing path back in 2014 with your EFT sessions and EFT mentorship. You helped me see and know myself in a new way, and I’m forever grateful to you.


Sandra Wallin :: www.sandrawallin.com

Oh, Sandra—your sublime warmth and the grounded leadership you offered during my PSYCH-K® training (Advanced and Masters levels) literally changed the course of my work forever! I am deeply thankful to have been initiated into the Teal Team by you—thank you.   


Uriel Yariv, Blandine Wegener, and Radu Nichitescu :: www.tantrayogathailand.com

Thank you for guiding me through close to 2 years of Tantra Yoga practice and esoteric teachings. Being initiated into some of the sacred knowledge of the tantric path has had a profound impact on me.