Hello and welcome! I’m Dana, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I bring a rich combination of training, certifications, knowledge, and lived experience to my 1:1 work and to my group offerings. I am certified to offer heart coherence, Breathwork, and PSYCH-K® sessions, and I have been offering in-depth intuitive readings and custom energy work professionally to a vast array of clients since 2015. Because I work remotely for the most part, I’ve had the incredible fortune to connect with folks from around the world.

Although my readings and sessions span a wide range of topics, I have a particular interest in (and passion for!) the sacral area, which has played out in various iterations over several decades already. My first ‘real’ job was in a department store fitting bras as a teenager, which involved more than a few impromptu coaching sessions with customers from the outside their fitting room doors. I’ve always been the go-to person for friends, colleagues, and perfect strangers to ask any uncomfortable or embarrassing ‘sex’ questions, too. Currently, I intentionally divide my time between my private practice and answering people’s questions about sex and sexuality through a local non-profit organization. It is in my fundamental makeup to hold safe and warm space so traditionally taboo topics can be explored, defused, and reclaimed. I love working with people who are navigating big changes, exploring new aspects and depths of themselves, and/or re-establishing energetic circulation for themselves where they’ve felt stuck or stagnant for ages.

I value:

+ Walking the walk and actually practicing what I preach

I will not ask or expect you to undertake anything that I haven’t also explored for myself. Although everyone is different and will resonate with different practices or therapeutic modalities, I do not come to this work as an armchair guide who is content simply to tell you what you should do. I come to this work as someone who has looked in the mirror first.

+ Pursuing ongoing learning opportunities and adjusting my offerings in accordance with evidence-informed best practices

Learning is one of my top strengths, and I will forever be incorporating what I learn into my personal and professional practices.

+ Being as trauma aware, sensitive, responsive, and informed as I can be

I recognize that nearly everyone has experienced events that have registered in their nervous systems as traumatic. I am here to support folks in regaining a regulated body through a range of somatic practices, although part of being trauma-informed is acknowledging that I am not a licensed therapist, medical, or mental health professional. I value supporting folks through the limits of my professional training and accreditation.

+ Creating and holding safe-feeling spaces for the people I work with

Preparing for a session and laying the groundwork for safety and regulation are just as important to me as a session itself.

+ Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility

I welcome people from all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and intersections. I endeavour to make my offerings as accessible as possible and always welcome feedback on how I can do better.

+ Holding myself to high standards of ethics and integrity

Although the healing fields aren’t governed by a universal set of ethical guidelines, I am cognizant of offering confidential services within my levels of training and experience. If, for any reason, I feel that my services won’t be beneficial to you, I am more than happy to refer you elsewhere. I will also honour your agency and well-being by refusing further services when you no longer require my professional insights or support.

+ Honouring my teachers and being transparent about how I am situated in the wellness and healing fields

I did not magically sprout into this position without the roots of specific teachers, guides, training programs, and mentors. Please scroll down to learn more about my lineage and to see if we’d be a good fit together.

Selected Professional Training & Certifications:

+ Certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator at the Basic, Advanced, and Master levels

+ Trained Breathwork Healer through David Elliott (Levels 1-3)

+ Approved Add Heart Facilitator™ and Clinically Certified for Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation through the HeartMath® Institute

+ Certificate of Completion in ‘Being Trauma Aware’ training, offered through the Calgary & Area Child Advocacy Centre

+Certificates of Completion in numerous workshops facilitated through the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (Canada), including:

Anxiety – Practical Intervention Strategies

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma Overview and Awareness

Trauma Strategies for Counsellors

Vicarious Trauma

Walking through Grief

Front Line Skills for Social Services

Language Matters training

+ ASIST training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

+ Bachelor’s (BA) and Master’s Degrees (MA) in Communication Studies, University of Calgary          

My Lineage

I wish to thank the teachers and guides who have directly supported me and shaped me into Who I Am today through their mentorship, training and certification programs, and professional services. Countless others have supported and inspired me more indirectly, but it feels so important for me to acknowledge my direct lineage here. In alphabetical order, I honour:


Lauren Aletta :: www.innerhue.com

Thank you for initiating me back into my intuitive self with your powerful readings and your 1:1 Psychic Development mentorship.


Anna Brassard :: https://annabrassardrmt.clinicsense.com/

Thank you for retraining my body and brain through the incredible RAPID Neurofascial Reset technique. Thanks to you, I have (among many other things) been able to stop wearing orthotics after close to 15 years of required daily use! This is just one example of how I’ve tangibly benefited from your services.


Paul Bucky ::  www.justtouch.com

Thank you for your hands-on training in the Bio-Touch™ healing modality over 4 memorable weeks in Tucson.


Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute :: https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/

Thank you for all of the webinars and workshops you have offered me around trauma, trauma-informed treatment, vicarious trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, and depression. I truly appreciate the stronger foundation you’ve provided in offering services through a trauma-informed lens.


Dr. Divi Chandna :: www.drdivi.com

Thank you for the reading you gave me in 2014 that jump-started my path to rediscovering myself as a healer and intuitive!


Donna Eden :: www.innersource.net

Thank you for the life-altering weekend workshop you offered on the Energies of Love with David Feinstein in Victoria, BC. Attending this workshop felt like an activation on every level of my being!


David Elliott :: www.davidelliott.com

Thank you for bringing me back into my body and for sharing the sacred medicine of Breathwork with me through your Levels 1-3 trainings! Now, instead of simply being able to identify energetic and emotional blockages in myself and others, I can also help to move and release them.  


HeartMath Institute ::  www.heartmath.org

Thank you for making your Add Heart Facilitator™ and Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation trainings so accessible and effective. Learning how to regulate my own heart rate variability has made a huge difference in my own life, and it’s also a joy to be able to share HeartMath® techniques with others, too!


Mike Iamele :: www.mikeiamele.com

Discovering my personal Brand Energies through your Sacred Branding® and Sacred Circle programs felt like it changed everything for me! Understanding my relationship to Divinity, Intimacy, Real-ness, Depth, Expression, and Sensuality has been a huge game-changer for me- thank you.


Jess Lefebvre :: https://www.flourishsomatics.com/

Jess, you’ve changed my life more than I can say. Learning how to move my body with less effort, strain, and overcompensation has unlocked so many levels of healing and transformation within me!


Lisa Powers :: www.lisapowers.co

Thank you for initiating me into the energy of Reiki through your Reiki I & II trainings.


Dr. Robert Rhoton :: https://aztrauma.org/

Thank you for the concrete, evidence-informed, and groundbreaking insights you have provided on supporting people who have experienced trauma. The trauma-informed courses I have taken with you have utterly transformed my practice and my direct work with clients.


Layla F. Saad :: http://laylafsaad.com/

Thank you for sharing the 28 incredibly powerful Me & White Supremacy prompts in your book and for insisting that it is a book to do rather than simply read. Anti-racism is some of the most necessary and important work I will undertake continuously throughout my lifetime– thank you for guiding the way. I benefit tremendously from your education and emotional labour.


Dr. Barbara Schneider

I literally would not have made it through my Master’s Degree intact without you, Barbara! Thank you for swooping in as my new advisor and for rescuing me from what would have been a terrible thesis-writing experience otherwise. Thank you also for understanding when I didn’t go on to pursue a Ph.D. (Perhaps I’ll be a professor in my next life.)


Dr. Leonard Thornton

Leonard, thank you for starting me on the self-healing path back in 2014 with your EFT sessions and EFT mentorship. You helped me see and know myself in a new way, and I’m forever grateful to you.


Sandra Wallin :: www.sandrawallin.com

Oh, Sandra—your sublime warmth and the grounded leadership you offered during my PSYCH-K® training (Advanced and Masters levels) literally changed the course of my work forever! I am deeply thankful to have been initiated into the Teal Team by you—thank you.   


Uriel Yariv, Blandine Wegener, and Radu Nichitescu :: www.tantrayogathailand.com

Thank you for guiding me through close to 2 years of Tantra Yoga practice and esoteric teachings. Being initiated into some of the sacred knowledge of the tantric path has had a profound impact on me.   


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