Wednesday, February 21

A guide: Achieve the FACEIT level 10 account  

FACEIT, a website founded in London in 2012, is a company that manages games like Rocket League and Counter-Strike.

This online gaming platform allows you to compete against over 15 million other players in tournaments, championships, and ladders, giving you the ability to play with people who are passionate about improving their skills, primarily getting a faceit level 10 account


The basics of FACEIT 


Outside of Valve’s existing matchmaking framework, this platform allows for the development of competitive CS2 games as well as a wide number of games, like CS2, to help its league system.

FACEIT allows participating in tournament matches with a 5×5 match format and getting in the competitive leagues namely the FPL Challenger, and improving the ability of the playing level.




The registration for this gaming site is fairly simple, by doing the following steps

  • Click on the Registration page on the FACEIT site.
  • Signing in and filling out the additional information will send the data from the system to the site
  • Link to Steam after choosing a game from the list that the platform supports.
  • Complete the registration process, then download and run the anti-cheat, which would update the shield icon to green.

To get into the faceit level 10 account, 10 FACEIT levels that have different skills with each one is determined by the ELO points system.

  • Level one having 1 to 800 ELO points.
  • Level two having 801 to 950 ELO points.
  • Level three having 951 to 1100 ELO points, at this level, the player receives platform registration.
  • From level 4 to level 9, the player must secure 2000 ELO points.
  • Over 2000 ELO points, the player gets into the master league qualifiers providing a faceit level 10 account.


What is after level 10 on FACEIT?


With a premium profile subscription and a faceit level 10 account, players can make it to the well-qualified game stage once they hit 2000 ELO points.

Participation in the semi-professional league of player’s qualifiers – Challenger in the Faceit Pro League is there if the top 100 in the Master League is completed by the end of the season. The top five finishers in this qualifying round will earn spots in the league!


FACEIT is a fantastic way for a player to progress from an amateur to a true professional in competitive CS2, as well as a perfect way to kick start an esports career.