Even in your smallest, most contracted state, Beloved, you will still be ‘too much’ for somebody else.

Not everybody else, but somebody else. 

Even if you pull back, stop short, dim your light, dumb it down, or try to fit in, you will still be too much.

This is a Truth. 

You cannot make yourself small enough to be liked, loved, appreciated, supported, or at least tolerated by everybody, Dear One.

You cannot hide, twist, bend, and contort your presence enough to secure mass appeal or to generate universal acceptance.

So why do you keep trying to be liked? Why do you keep appeasing others or ensuring that your light isn’t too bright for anyone and everyone else in the room?

Think of the Goldilocks principle, Love: just as bowls of porridge can seem too hot, too cold, or just right for the taster, so too can YOU be a perfect fit for the people you are meant to serve. You ARE ‘just right’ for somebody.

Somebody needs the undiluted, unadulterated, and unfiltered version of YOU. Somebody- many somebodies, in fact, but certainly not everybody– PREFERS and is SEEKING OUT exactly the medicine that you have to offer!

Will you show up for them, Beloved?

Will you stand confidently in your own element, claiming and owning that this is Who You Are, rather than meekly apologizing for being yourself? Let your ‘too muchness’ be a source of pride for you. Let the fact that you are not for everybody be a beacon of hope and a beam of clarity for both you and the people you are calling in.

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