You Are Intuitive with Katie Burke

In this interview with the radiant Katie Burke, we discuss:

  • The benefits of working with a mentor and surrounding yourself with a supportive community, especially when you are first starting out with your intuitive development


  • How much can (and will) change in your life when you start saying ‘Yes’ to your inner guidance. (Hint: the answer is everything.)


  • Discipline, devotion, and ritual: how to anchor intuition into everyday practices and actions


  • The vast intelligence of the heart

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About Katie:


Katie Burke is a Spiritual Revolutionary, Writer and Priestess. She helps awakening women to ignite the power within themselves, to clarify their service and activism in the world. Her sacred contract with the divine is to encourage and empower women to create new paradigms of thinking, feeling and serving.

Katie offers Divine Feminine Awakening Mentorships, is a Ritual and Ceremony Designer, as well as a Retreat Facilitator. She is an oracle, full time mother, and lightworker, and she is also the creator of the Modern Priestess Movement, which you can learn more about on her website and YouTube channel.

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Facebook: @ModernPriestess

YouTube: The Modern Priestess

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