We can all be bombarded with daily stress, triggers, trauma, anxiety, and overwhelm, and because of this, it’s essential that we learn how to regulate our nervous systems (via both self- and co-regulation practices). We often can’t control our environment or what we experience, but we can practice simple techniques to help moderate how we relate to and experience what’s happening in our environments– either our external or internal landscapes.

Nervous system regulation is not only the foundation upon which I’ve built all of my offerings, but it’s also a fundamental practice I incorporate into my everyday life. No healing modality, intervention, or therapeutic practice can actually be effective if a person is in a dysregulated body or if their sympathetic nervous system is in too activated a state. Therefore, we always start with establishing a more regulated baseline in a person’s system to ensure that positive change is both possible and sustainable.

Guided Heart Coherence Videos:

As an approved Add Heart Facilitator with the HeartMath® Institute and someone who has also received Clinical Certification for addressing Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation through HeartMath®, I’m pleased to offer free training in the Heart Lock-In® Technique! This 3-part practice is easy to learn and has been proven over decades of scientific research to decrease stress, increase feelings of well-being, effectively boost immunity and creativity, and even improve performance outcomes in athletes, students, and professionals.

I recommend starting with the instructional video below to learn what’s involved in the Heart Lock-In® Technique, and once you are comfortable with the practice, you can choose to use the shorter 6-, 10-, 15-, or 20-minute guided meditations next.


An Easy, 6-Minute Heart Coherence Practice:

A Soothing, 10-Minute Heart Coherence Practice:


An Effective, 15-Minute Heart Coherence Practice:


A Nervous System-Resetting, 20-Minute Heart Coherence Practice:



Monarch Group Online Program:

Monarch is not currently open for registration. This 12-week program includes a total of 6 guided and themed Heart Coherence and Breathwork sessions, an Opening & Closing Ceremony, as well as extensive PDFs about the nervous system, charging and discharging the energy body, supporting the vagus nerve, and detailed energy medicine practices. To be notified when Monarch re-opens for enrollment, please send me an email at dana.m.machacek@gmail.com!